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Ok,so in general, we could say that using Metclasses is ok for manipulating 
__new__ but not that what is setting by __init__. Am I right?

No and yes.

In this code (python 2 syntax):

class Wonderful(object):

    __metaclass__ = SomeMetaClass
diamond = Sparkly(7)
    club = 9

    def display(self):
        print "I'm an instance!"

The metaclass controls what happens when Wonderful is created:

- it can add the name 'diamond' to the Sparkly descriptor;
-  it can change/remove/add other attributes such as club, spade, or whatever;
- it can wrap methods such as display to pre- or post-process calls to it
- etc.

Once the class (Wonderful, in this example) has been created:

- x = Wonderful()  # metaclass not called
- x.display()      # metaclass not called
- x.diamond        # metaclass not called

- list(Wonderful)  # metaclass called (e.g. SomeMetaClass.__iter__(cls) )
                   # where cls = Wonderful

Check out http://stackoverflow.com/a/35730545/208880 for a simple demonstration 
of a metaclass.


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