On 10/18/2016 03:23 PM, pozz wrote:
> Il 18/10/2016 18:41, Demosthenes Koptsis ha scritto:
>  > My favorite GUIs are PyQt and wxPython.
>  >
>  > I prefer PyQt than PySide because PySide seem to me like an abandoned
>  > project.
>  >
>  > Also i prefer PyQt than wxPython because i can design the forms in
>  > QtDesigner easily.
>  >
>  > wxPython and wxWidgets do not have a GUI designer competitor to 
> QtDesigner.
>  >
>  > So, my choice is PyQt !
> Have you compared pyQt with pyGObject (GTK)?

I have and pyGOjbect and GTK work pretty well. In many respects they are
nearly equivalent of PyQt.  pyGObject leaks a few implementation details
into Python (more than PyGTK did), but it works well enough and the neat
thing about it is that you can get bindings for any gobject-based
library through it fairly easily, even one you might write yourself
(custom widgets for example).  I've not looked into it much but this
fact might make Vala and Python go well together.

You can ask opinions for a long time. But really it comes down to what
platforms you want to run on (PyQt5 can port to Android, for example),
what license you like, and your own personal preferences.

I've heard it said that a good programmer should pick up a new language
every year and do something in it, just for fun. Maybe the same should
be said of GUI toolkits!


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