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One of the more useful ones might be:

    o = await anext(ait)


But I found it easy to write my own -

async def anext(aiter):
   return await aiter.__anext__()


  I don't think bulk iteration in asynchronous programming is ever that
  great of an idea. You want to be prepared for more than one possible
  stimulus in any given state. IOW, a state machine matrix might be
  sparse but it is never diagonal.

I am not familiar with your terminology here, so my comment may be way off-track.

I use 'bulk iteration' a lot in my app. It is a client/server multi-user business/accounting app.

If a user wants to view the contents of a large table, or I want to print statements for a lot of customers, I can request the data and process it as it arrives, without blocking the other users.

I find that very powerful.



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