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      Use ssh (is that available at worK?) to connect from work to home

Your ISP provides that capability? I'm surprised. I'm with Charter and
the only external IP address is for the cable modem (I think).
"icanhazip" shows the same one, no matter which computer I use.

You use the same external IP address, just use the right port number
(which you set up your router to allow in).

Exactly. The easiest way is to set up port forwarding in your cable
modem. Any device worth using should have at least SOME measure of
port forwarding. Of course, if your ISP offers an IPv6 netblock, it's

Ah, the light dawns over Marblehead! When I set up my router, I saw
the "port forwarding" page, but had no idea what it was for. Thanks for
the explanation.

I will now cease off-topic posting.

Michael F. Stemper
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