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          Those of us who do not use google-groups may not notice the loss
of the google groupies.
I use GG to read comp.lang.python because of the following combination
of factors. I would definitely be happier if there was another way to
do this, so that I wouldn't have to wade through lots of spam.

    - I read it from both home and work.

    - I can't install any additional software at work.

    - There is no newsgroup reader software available at work.

    - GG tracks read/unread status of every post. This is shared
      between work and home through my Google account.

    - When I (very rarely) post from work, I can't
      do it by email, since outgoing email is blocked.

Alternative approach, what I do:-

      Run a text mode (but very capable and mouse aware) newsreader on
      my home system, read news locally using that.

      Use ssh (is that available at worK?) to connect from work to home
      and run the same newsreader in the same environment. If you can't
      even ssh from work then you can always use an 'ssh from the web'
      app from your wenb browser.

The newsreader I use is tin by the way.

Chris Green
ssh would be even a bigger problem here. As I mentioned, I can't even email
from work to the outside! All web sites that provide remote connectivity
tools are blocked.
... yet they're okay with you browsing newsgroups? I think you may
have a Layer Eight conflict here.

If he can browse, he can get E-Mail with Gmail/Yahoo/AOL/etc, his normal
mail ISP likely even supports some form of Web Mail Client.

If they are blocking these, but not Google Groups, there is a major
disconnect in the rules.

Richard Damon
Disconnect or not, I can browse GG and post replies (e.g., this one).
I have no access to gmail or any other email provider.


My guess then is that your access to google groups is also against your companies policies, they just haven't put an enforcement in their firewalls because it is too obscure for the IT department to have thought of.

Based on the sort of broad blocking they are doing, I am a bit surprised they seem to be black listing rather than white listing the web.

Richard Damon


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