Hello everyone,

Django-hotsauce 1.0 commercial edition (LTS) is now available for preorder :)

Checkout: https://www.livestore.ca/product/django-hotsauce/

I'm also looking for expert Django and Python programmers to test and review the design and API of Django-hotsauce 1.0 commercial edition in order to develop a low-cost, high-performance, Django alternative microframework to develop scalable web apps in Python and WSGI. Furthermore, i will always be happy to support a free version of Django-hotsauce in order to drive the development and research of Python/Django web programming. :)

Final note, the Paypal payment gateway is experimental. I might one day decide to switch to monero or flashcoin... I'm not really sure it's a good idea yet.

What do you think?


Etienne Robillard


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