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There are a number of things that are confusing about this.  You should state clearly what django-hotsauce is. You say "Django alternative microframework."  Usually people use "Django" and "microframework" as opposites, not something you can combine together.
Sorry for being unclear. I meant "Django-based alternative microframework". :-)

I plan to commercialize a Django extension for allowing pragmatic and high-performance WSGI programming *on top* of Django.

You say there will be a free version.  Does it already exist? Link to it.

Finally, you seem to be asking experts to volunteer their time to help you design and test software that you will then sell.  This seems unrealistic at best, and exploitive or unfair at worst.

Yes. I'm really looking for serious people and/or companies to try/test/review django-hotsauce 1.0 commercial edition for *commercial purposes* in exchange of a small fee.


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