On 23/02/2018 19:47, Chris Angelico wrote:
On Sat, Feb 24, 2018 at 6:25 AM, bartc <b...@freeuk.com> wrote:

The difference between Python and another dynamic language might be a
magnitude, yet you say it doesn't matter.

Thanks, that makes me feel much better about my own work! If a magnitude
difference in performance can be so casually dismissed.

Yep! Your work is awesome, because your code is only a little bit
slower than the same algorithm with the same bugs in a better-known
language that's supported on more platforms and has a large team of
people supporting it.

Remind me what's actually advantageous about your language?

I don't know what point you're making here. Unless it's that no software is worth writing unless it's done on a big scale with a huge team of people, and is very well known.

My own point should be clear:

 Python is 10 times slower than a competitor = doesn't matter
 My language is 1.5 times slower than the big boys' = matters a great deal


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