Hi all,
I'm hoping someone could help a wannabe python coder out. I'm an aspiring 
Data/AI/ML coder/programmer/datafiend - that might help with my situation.

In my various fits of python downloads, I've managed to download Anaconda, 
Pyscripter, IDLE(3.6/32 AND 64bit), IDLE 2.7. I'm thinking of PyCharm next... 
but that's another story.

I'm having a problem using pip:
1. Does one have to use pip in the commandline? Why can't I use pip while in 
IDLE or in my Anaconda distro?
2. For some unknown reason, I have "defaulted" to use IDLE python 3.6, 32 bit 
version. I would like to use some modules that are in the 64 bit(pyiso is 
one...don't ask it is a module for using DOE EIA data off their website) and 
the requests module is not in the 64 bit version, NOT my 32 bit version.

A) So...should I maybe uninstall my anaconda, pyscripter? Just use IDLE? 
B) Maybe change the envirionment variables to go between 3.6 32 bit and 3.6 64 
bit. Seems kinda lame to myself...

Thanks all and appreciate the feedback

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