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Hi all,
I'm hoping someone could help a wannabe python coder out. I'm an aspiring 
Data/AI/ML coder/programmer/datafiend - that might help with my situation.

In my various fits of python downloads, I've managed to download Anaconda,

Anaconda is a cpython distribution that comes with various 3rd party modules pre-installed.


I am not familiar with this.

IDLE(3.6/32 AND 64bit), IDLE 2.7.

If you are on Windows, you did not download 'IDLE'. You downloaded various versions of CPython from PSF that include the corresponding versions of IDLE, with its integrated shell and editor, but not the 3rd party modules included with Anaconda.

If you are just starting with Python, and do not work somewhere that uses 2.7, I would ignore 2.7. Unless you absolutely need the 32 bit version, I delete it.

I'm having a problem using pip:
1. Does one have to use pip in the commandline?

Yes, use command line programs in a command line console/window.

Why can't I use pip while in IDLE

Would you expect to use pip in MS Excel? If you type 'python' at a command line, and get the '>>>' REPL prompt (google REPL), then your input goes to the python interpreter, which only accepts python statements. The same is true in the IDLE Shell, and when you run python code in the editor.

[Some 3rd party IDEs have a front end for PIP. I wanted to add this for IDLE but the project was vetoed when partly done.]

2. For some unknown reason, I have "defaulted" to use IDLE python 3.6, 32 bit 

The order of installation, choices you made during installation, and how you start python. (With just one python installed, there would be no problem.) Read the first chapter of https://docs.python.org/3/using/index.html and the chapter for your OS (which you should have specified ;-)

Terry Jan Reedy


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