>         That concept is meaningful only email between two parties, where
> the
> quoted material is a "courtesy copy" for content the other party likely
> provided a week earlier (snail mail).
>         But mailing lists/newsgroups are the equivalent of a bulletin board
> open to anyone walking past. Bottom posting (or better, trim and
> intersperse) allows someone who has no prior knowledge of the message chain
> to read it from top-down, picking up the relevant points as they go...
> Rather than having to flip through a stack of pages looking for information
> being referenced by the top-most sheet of paper.
> --
>         Wulfraed                 Dennis Lee Bieber

I've been using email for thirty years, including thousands of group emails
at many tech companies, and no one has ever suggested, let alone insisted
on, bottom posting.  If someone's late to a thread they can read from it
the bottom up. But, for everyone who has been  keeping up, not having to
scroll is a big advantage.
   I'm not suggesting that the convention on this list be changed, but it's
by no means the only option which makes sense.
  Paul C.


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