On Fri, May 18, 2018 at 8:44 AM, Paul <tallp...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>         That concept is meaningful only email between two parties, where
>> the
>> quoted material is a "courtesy copy" for content the other party likely
>> provided a week earlier (snail mail).
>>         But mailing lists/newsgroups are the equivalent of a bulletin board
>> open to anyone walking past. Bottom posting (or better, trim and
>> intersperse) allows someone who has no prior knowledge of the message chain
>> to read it from top-down, picking up the relevant points as they go...
>> Rather than having to flip through a stack of pages looking for information
>> being referenced by the top-most sheet of paper.
>> --
>>         Wulfraed                 Dennis Lee Bieber
> I've been using email for thirty years, including thousands of group emails
> at many tech companies, and no one has ever suggested, let alone insisted
> on, bottom posting.  If someone's late to a thread they can read from it
> the bottom up.

Remind me which direction text is usually written in English?


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