Hi All,

We currently use the standard Python and Pywin32 installers but to make our 
win32 application,) which uses Python to execute dynamically generated 
expressions including instantiating COM servers and hence the need to pywin32), 
easier to install and support multiple versions side by side etc we want to 
switch to using an embedded version installed in a sub-folder of our 

This will allow simple xcopy deployment plus allow us to package our 
application using project centennial as a Windows store App.

I have a prototype that seems to work by just adding the whole of the 
"site-packages" folder to a lib folder under the embedded Python folder and 
adding the


Folders to the Python path.

1. I now want to trim the pywin32 files down to the minimum so presumably I can 
just delete the pip*, pkg*, setuptools* folders and also the demo, test 
sub-folders, help files etc - is that correct?

2. As we don't need users to use pythonwin.exe presumably we could drop that 
folder as well?

3. I notice that two dlls get installed to  C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64 so I am 
planning to also include those within our application folders (I see they're 
also in site-packages/pywin32-system32 already) and add/modify appropriate 
manifest files to ensure they are found and loaded by Windows SXS. Does anyone 
see a problem with that?

Thanks for any help,

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