Norman Hadfield wrote:
> We currently use the standard Python and Pywin32 installers but to make our 
> win32 application,) which uses Python to execute dynamically generated 
> expressions including instantiating COM servers and hence the need to 
> pywin32), easier to install and support multiple versions side by side etc we 
> want to switch to using an embedded version installed in a sub-folder of our 
> application.
> This will allow simple xcopy deployment plus allow us to package our 
> application using project centennial as a Windows store App.

This is EXACTLY what tools like py2exe and cx_Freeze and pyinstaller
do.  You don't need to reinvent this wheel.

> 1. I now want to trim the pywin32 files down to the minimum so presumably I 
> can just delete the pip*, pkg*, setuptools* folders and also the demo, test 
> sub-folders, help files etc - is that correct?

py2exe (and the rest) do that.

Tim Roberts,
Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

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