It would be of great use if I could (somehow) tag mb files with metadata 
that could be read at system level, never having to open the mb itself in 

I already have a solution that will save out a json/xml next to the file 
whenever the users saves, with queryable info.  But this is lossy, can 
decouple from the file if it's ever moved, etc.

Being able to tag an actual mb with data would be great (in the same way 
you can say, check exif data on an image).

I've tried some examples doing this in Python with pickle, on both ma & mb 
files, but... it corrupts the files.  Ironically, I can store and retrieve 
metadata, it just wrecks everything else in the file :P

Maybe not possible.  But I thought I'd see if someone actually had a more 
elegant solution for this.


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