Hi  Stefan,

I read the Senior Maya tool & Pipeline scripter Job ad.
I am curious how much would be the salary for these kind of jobs?
I think it would be highly of educational how much the jobs like this are
paid by you guys.

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> Stefan Andersson <sander...@gmail.com>: Feb 14 06:21AM -0800
> Hello!
> Long time lurker and python addict. I hope it's ok to post a job ad.
> We are looking for a *Senior Maya tool & Pipeline scripter.* It's a
> full-time position here in Stockholm Sweden.
> *Who are we*
> Swiss International VFX is a post-production house which has been around
> for 15 years. Most of our work is around commercials but we also do some
> long-format productions. A few items of our work can be seen
> here: http://swiss.se/works
> Our toolset is mainly Maya/Nuke, we also have a few Houdini seats which
> seems to be growing for each month. Un-necessary information is that we
> also have a grading suite and a Flame suite which is rarely used these
> days. Out pipeline is based around Shotgun and our own pipeline tools.
> *Job description*
> - Develop tools that makes everyday life easier for artists
> - Develop new ideas for how we transfer assets through our production
> - Maintain and improve current tools
> - Work with vfx supervisor to work out goals.
> *Requirments*
> - Fantastic Python skills
> - Clear vision and understanding of publish concepts.
> - Excellent Maya / Python skills ( OpenMaya and PyMel )
> - fairly good Houdini knowledge
> - familiar with Shotgun API
> - bonus: C++ development, shaders/procedurals
> Any questions you might have you can send to me and I will try and answer
> them and you can also send your applications to me: ste...@swiss.se
> best regards
> stefan
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> Tagging MB files with metadata
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> AK Eric <warp...@sbcglobal.net>: Feb 13 08:56PM -0800
> Right on, credit :)
> FYI, I figured out you can use cpickle.dumps to embed arbitrary python
> data
> straight into the value of fileInfo, allowing you to query it outside of
> Maya, powerful.
> However, on large files (200+megs) it can still take a good 20 seconds to
> parse. I may end up just storing all this data to a folder on a server for
> easy/fast lookup, but it was still a fun exercise. Thanks for the help
> everyone.
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