Indeed there is:  Python comes with the cPickle module, that lets you 
serialize any builtin Python data to disk.  It has a dump method that does 
that writing to your filesystem, but it also had a dumps (dump string) that 
writes it as a string.

In Maya, you can make string attrs on your nodes...

pseudo code, not directly tested but you get the idea

import cPickle

data = {"a":1, "b":2}
stringData = cPickle.dumps(data)

# Add a custom string attr to your node and:
mc.setAttr("myObj.stringAttr", stringData, type='string')

# Then later to query it:
stringAttrData = str(mc.getAttr("myObj.stringAttr"))
loadedData = cPickle.loads(stringAttrData)

print loadedData
{"a":1, "b":2}

I do this *all* the time to just get away from having to deal with Maya's 
own attr types.  So much more flexibility in data storage on Maya nodes.

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