I recently had to port all our stuff to support both PySide *&* PySide2, 
ugh.  Since this thread is along those lines, this is the solution I came 
up with at the top of my modules since we have multiple versions of Maya 

Simple example import section:

> import maya.cmds as mc
> MAYA_VER = int(mc.about(version=True))
> if MAYA_VER <= 2016:
>     from PySide.QtGui import QWidget, QMainWindow, QDialog, 
> QAbstractButton, QIcon
>     from shiboken import wrapInstance
>     import pysideuic
> else:
>     from PySide2.QtGui import QIcon
>     from PySide2.QtWidgets import QWidget, QMainWindow, QDialog, 
> QAbstractButton
>     from shiboken2 import wrapInstance
>     import pyside2uic as pysideuic

To make my life easier (similar to what Marcus said above) trying to figure 
out where the classes moved, I'd have these three tabs open:

So I'd select some class name, like 'QIcon', then do a search on each page 
looking for it:  That would quickly tell me which new qt5 module it lived 
in for those style imports.
Boy I can't wait util qt6! ;)

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