I was doing a dummy command for debugging and testing certain funcs , and 
what I usually do is  use

MGlobal::getSelectionListByName("pSphereShape1" , sel );

now it became redundant af , so I came up with a way to get the actual 
selected mesh and shiet :

MObjectArray mesh_list;
    MSelectionList sel;
if( sel.length() == 0)
MGlobal::displayError("no selection");
return MS::kFailure;

    MItSelectionList mitsel(sel);

MObject cur_obj; 

        if (cur_obj.hasFn(MFn::kMesh) )
            mesh_list.append( cur_obj );
        else if ( cur_obj.hasFn(MFn::kTransform) )

MFnTransform fntransform( cur_obj );
            for (int i=0 ;i < fntransform.childCount() ;++i )

if (fntransform.child(i).hasFn(MFn::kMesh))



do you guys , do it similarly or in a different way ? 

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