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@Miriya52 , Thank you for starting this application. It is good to see you have some relevant programming experience (unfortunately this project wont use your extensive IoT experience ;-) ). There are many parts of the template application that you need to fill in yet , which you can do by clicking edit. Some of the details will the outcome of discussions between yourself and the mentors , and we can have a private discussion about the project to clarify the details (The mentors also dont know all the answers -- this is your project, and the scope can be adjusted to suit your interests.).

My preferred method for communication during this proposal drafting/ preparation phase is a private Conpherence.
@Mvolz , does that suit you also?

cc @Sumit , I dont think this application is submitted yet. I do not see it in https://outreachy.gnome.org/?q=manage_projects&prg=7 . Am I looking in the wrong place?



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