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A good preparation task, is starting on the design work for https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T148161 , and you may build draft python class code to show how you would implement it.

50% time for core tasks50% time for core tasks. Minimum viable product developed at mid-term.
50% time for testing, bugfixing, documentation, and deployment.
| ------------ | ----------
| Before Dec 6 | Request a mediawiki labs instance and gerrit repository. Set up skeleton of library. | Before Dec 6 | Community bonding.
| Dec 6 - Dec 16 | Task 1
I am excited to be giving back to open source since I have been able to use many open source libraries and packages for my projects. I also like the community aspect of open source. Just this past year, I really enjoyed the experience of attending PyCon, and also looking forward to attending PyCon Canada in November 2016. I like building systems that are useful, and writing code for open source and MediaWiki will be a benefit to many users. The feature I would be building for this project is an enhancement for Wikiversity. I have benefited from online educational resourcestaken MOOCs and it would be an honor to be able to contribute to an open online educational site.



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