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It is a crucial package for a lot of wiki bots indeed, but this issue is really old and I think nobody really knows today, how the code for this feature was supposed to work in the past. if I look into the code, I can see many outdated 3rd party libraries glued together in a not simple way to produce the result. As I wrote above, there are some alternative updated libraries, but I have no clue how to make it work again.

Pywikibot has got many alternative approaches (see https://doc.wikimedia.org/pywikibot/api_ref/pywikibot.html?highlight=pagegenerators#module-pywikibot.pagegenerators) to get and process certain list of pages or you can easily use e.g. Quarry to get list of pages from database to workaround this issue.

You can see project members e.g. here, but many of them are inactive for a long period or just mentor new developers to the project. I would also like to fix this, but this issue needs major changes to code, for which I haven't got so much time yet and probably I also lack of knowledge to fix this.



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