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@Herzi.Pinki Sorry but I don't understand what are you trying to do using Quarry or pwb. What I can recommend is: use both services for what they are supposed to. Pywikibot processes some list of wiki pages/WD claims and outputs/changes their properties; Quarry lists some wiki pages/WD claims and their properties. To make them work together you have to create a list of pages in Quarry, give it to pywikibot in a text file using -file: argument (or in python script using file pagegenerator) and process them in the way you want.

Lack of permissions on Quarry for some tasks is limiting, but secure. What I do for complicated tasks and recommend to you:

  1. get a list of what Quarry can handle (usually just not really sorted raw data of size in MB) and save it as CSV/Excel/JSON or what are you familiar to work with
  2. write and run simple (python) script that imports data, processes data (removes duplicate or invalid data, fixes some data, sorts data, prepares list of pages to process by pywikibot) and outputs final text file output.txt containing pages to change and maybe some additional notes about them for pywikibot to work with
  3. write and run simple pywikibot script to process and fix pages on wiki listed in output.txt

This easy three step worked for me many times before and I am really used to it.



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