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Will we require to increment PATCH number for every bugfix made and MINOR for every improvement?

Based on our current release cycle, I presume that we can keep developing on the dev (pre-release) version. The person who is going to update the changelog and do the release, should look at the changes since the last release and bump the version accordingly.

PS: If we will follow semver, pywikibot could rapidly increment to 5.0.0 in several months if Py3.3 and Py2.6 abandoned separately.

I was hoping for it to be done in a single release, but if not...

How would the Pywikibot users react about this massive jump?

I don't know how they would react, but the same reaction that would be appropriate for an incompatibility-bump in a major.incompatibility.stamp scheme would be appropriate here, too. (Under both circumstances they should check the changelog and see if the breaking change affects them or not, and if it does, they should either update their code, or keep using the older pywikibot version.)

Or should dropping of old Python release support be excluded of backward incompatible changes in other way semver allows (build metadata)?

That question holds for current scheme, too. Should we bump the incompatibility or should we use build metadata? (The point being that even if switch over to semver, things won't change in that front.) Such a change would perhaps require a separate RfC/announcement, updating the documentation, and AFAIK it's not permitted under PEP 440.



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