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Do we have anyone/anyones willing to take that on?

I did it several times in past and it is very easy to do it with master branch in opposite to the previous so called stable release 2.0.

If I understand the pywikibot history correctly that has been the major hurdle for releasing in the past and was the reason for the stamp solution to get releases going again.

As I remember it was introduced when we closed the 2.0 stable branch after a long time of um maintenance to have the master branch as the new stable release at pypi.

Personally I uploaded a new release after approximately one month when tests where successful and I tagged the last related commit with the version number created by setup.py. Also I updated the HISTORY file (not the ChangeLog which is really hard to work and I gave up) With those tags developers or bot operators are always able to went back to this release which might be important for breaking changes.

It is a problem of stamp based versioning that the new release is known after uploading it which also looks wrong because after tagging a release a new version is created. With semver this could be changed and the new release is known before uploading it including any doc strings.



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