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The only option I know is to hard shutdown, neither switching to terminal interface, nor some magic key combinations work in this case.

Fix your OOM killer :). Hard shutdown is for when the kernel itself crashes (and in my case I have kexec/kdump to avoid hard shutdowns in most of kernel crashes).

I'll look into patches and test them tommorow. Thanks both Dalba and zhuyifei1999 for analysis and fixes. Is there something I can help with/test?

The script freeze was caused by a semaphore not being released properly, as least in one case. I was unable to reproduce it after the submitted patch is applied.
The OS freeze is most likely a memory leak, causing OOM condition. My memory profiling shows the giant memory usage is, at least in part, due to the entire history dict being processed entirely in memory rather than in disk. I'm investigating using shelve to workaround it (and submit a patch), and see if the memory still increase unbounded.



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