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Linux typically...

Thank you!

From my current measurement:

  1. $ python pwb.py weblinkchecker -start:! -ns:0 on freshly booted system
  2. Python memory usage after start 200 MB
  3. Worked quite smoothly for 3 hours only increasing memory usage
  4. Python memory usage stopped on 1.1 GB and last 1 hour it was on the level of 1 GB. The whole system memory usage was cca 90 %, It sometimes came up to 99 % but quickly allocated swap space and lowered back to 90 %. If I would open Firefox browser when on 90 %, it would quickly add 20 % (and freeze the whole OS), therefore I was AFK.
  5. Finally the last 30 minutes the whole system memory usage 90 %, 800 MB swap space used, the OS was fast, but the script was a little bit slower.
  6. I interrupted it by keyboard and got 37 threads openned, quickly reduced to last 7, which were killed by weblinkchecker finally.



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