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On Arch Linux there is no support for py-bt and also there are missing things like symbols completely. Arch's python package does not contain any debug things. I use gdb the first time in my life so I even don't know how to use it correctly. I can also run it from beginning till end (interactive or automatic) if it helps

Ok I understand. Everyone has 'first times'. Another tool that might help you is strace. It can see what syscalls a program is doing live. You can attach it to whatever thread you want (strace -p PID, well, the kernel considers a thread a task, so they all have their own "process" ids). If a thread is frozen, you'd see it waiting forever. In this script, if it were frozen, attaching to the main thread you'd find the select(2) call repeating with nothing in between. Any new thread starting you will see a clone(2) syscall, and possibly many futex(2), which is likely related python's GIL.

FWIW, I usually use a utility called htop to navigate among processes/threads/tasks.



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