> I don't have any serious issues, as long as we only use pagure as git host. I
> hate that "we wanted to copy github, but stopped just after we found out
> it's too much functionality" thing (also don't like how github works on top
> of that, so even a 1:1 clone would be awful from my perspective).

Just a remark, Pagure development hasn't stopped, it constantly receives new 
functionality [1]. But I agree it's not likely to be that featureful as github 
any time soon, and I'd be wary if we wanted to move our whole workflow there 
(i.e. ditching Phabricator). For just hosting git repos, it's of course 
absolutely fine. We'll need to discuss whether we want to keep the issues/pull 
requests open there to receive some simple reports/patches (and ask people to 
move more complex ones to Phab), or whether we'll not use that in Pagure at 
all. (Let's not forget we also have libtaskotron in Bugzilla, fortunately it's 
not used much yet).

[1] https://pagure.io/pagure/commits/master
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