Excerpts from Adam Williamson's message of 2017-02-15 16:13 -08:00:
> Please note: despite the list being a fedoraproject one, the intent is
> to co-ordinate with folks from CentOS, Red Hat and maybe even further
> afield as well; we're just using an fp.o list as it's a quick
> convenient way to get a nice mailman3/hyperkitty list without having to
> go set up a list server on taskotron.org or something.

I realise this is now way too late so just a small tip for next time...

There is also list hosting available on the fedorahosted.org domain, for 
example we have a Beaker list hosted on there. It is nice because Fedora 
infra still does all the hard work of hosting it :-) but the domain 
implies a slightly looser relationship to the Fedora project.

AFAIK the lists on fedorahosted.org are not affected by any of the Trac 
decomissioning work.

Dan Callaghan <dcall...@redhat.com>
Senior Software Engineer, Products & Technologies Operations
Red Hat

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