Good afternoon, guys

Thank you for your responses. They gave me some food for thought.

Yesterday I spent half a day trying to substitute package qmake (from 64 bit to 32 bit). But I did not achieve much success. In addition to the problems with creating Qt-profile in QtCreator for qmake-32, were added problems with resolution of header files for 32 bit libraries. For me, it remains a mystery why header files for 32-bit libraries are located in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu directory, while the libraries themselves are in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu ...

The funny thing about this situation is that the program should work on OrangePi One (architecture armv7). But since OrangePi had an emulator for Intel architecture 32 bit (ExaGear), then I thought why should I not immediately compile a program for Intel-32 on my working computer...  So I started this adventure ...

While I decided to stay on the native assembly on OrangePi

BR, Pavel Karelin

18.10.2017 07:54, Christian Gagneraud пишет:
On 18/10/2017 12:09 AM, Christian Kandeler wrote:
On Tue, 17 Oct 2017 12:20:12 +0300 Карелин Павел <>

I'm working in Ubuntu 14.04, 64 bit. I use QtCreatir 4.4.1 Now I
needed to build a small qbs project for two architectures: intel 64
and 32 bits. I have installed qt4 system libraries, 64 and 32 bits
respectively. qmake - only 64 bits. Simultaneously install the
qmake to 64 and 32 bits - I can not, packages are mutually

Hm, doesn't that mean that one of the two Qt installations is
incomplete with regards to developing for it? You cannot build qmake
projects with the 32-bit version either, right? At the moment, qmake
is our entry point for setting up the Qt modules using setup-qt. If
you are working on the command line only, you might get away with
installing the two packages one after the other (both with their
associated qmake), calling setup-qt while they are "complete".
However, in Qt Creator you always need the right qmake.

I have similar problem, and i'm starting to think that Ubuntu is broken (17.04).

You cannot even compile qt for x86_32 on a x86_64 host without breaking your distro due to package conflicts (Thiago told me it is doable on OpenSuse).

BTW, Qt has dropped linux-32 support starting with Qt-5.6 ...

I am now using a 32 bits VM in the mean time for my dev, If you build a 32 bits version of Qt within the 32 bits VM, then when you install it on linux-64 system it won't work, qmake cannot be run (something to do with rpath and/or, i have wasted lot of time on this, and i still don't have a solution.

Anyway, this is not a qbs-specific nor a qtc-specific problem, it is a qmake and/or ubuntu issue.

Карелин, you might want to resend your message to the "interest" mailing list.

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