I'm build a third-party project. The peculiarity of the project is that qm-files are represented as internal resources.
Now I solved the problem with a terrible hack:
1) Created the 'Translations' product
Product {
    name: "Translations"
    type: "qm"
    destinationDirectory: project.sourceDirectory + "/translations"

    Depends { name: "Qt.core" }
    files: ["*.ts"]

2) The results of the work 'Translations' are located in the project.sourceDirectory + "/translations" directory
3) The main product made dependent on 'Translations'
Depends { name: "Translations" }

4) In the main product I cling the created qm-files through a qrc-resource
    Group {
        name: "translations"
        files: ["translations/translations.qrc"]

Is it possible to solve this task in another way?
qm-resources should be placed by the path ":translations/"

BR, Pavel Karelin
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