On 03/13/2018 02:47 PM, Eric Blake wrote:
> On 03/13/2018 11:17 AM, Kevin Wolf wrote:
>> From: John Snow <js...@redhat.com>
>> Instead of automatically transitioning from PENDING to CONCLUDED, gate
>> the .prepare() and .commit() phases behind an explicit acknowledgement
>> provided by the QMP monitor if auto_finalize = false has been requested.
>>   ##
>> +# @block-job-finalize:
>> +#
>> +# Once a job that has manual=true reaches the pending state, it can be
> Is this wording stale, given that you add two separate auto-* bool flags
> in 19/41?  You may want to prepare a followup patch (doc bug fixes are
> safe during softfreeze, so it need not hold up this pull request) that
> tweaks this and any similar stale wording.

Fixed up in my local branch, will send out once the dust settles on master.



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