On 03/31/2018 07:24 AM, Eric Blake wrote:
> As mentioned in earlier email threads, I experimented with an
> alternative layout to the structs sent across the wire during
> NBD_OPT_{LIST,SET}_META_CONTEXT, on the grounds that having the
> namespace and leaf-name combined into one string that requires further
> parsing on each end is not as nice as having two separate fields.  I'm
> replying to this mail with two RFC patches, one for the NBD spec, and
> one for the qemu implementation.
> If we like the idea, this has to go into qemu 2.12, so we have less than
> a week.  Or, we can ignore the RFC, keep qemu the way it is currently
> coded, and when it is released, it will be time to promote the NBD
> extension-blockstatus to current as there will be an existing
> implementation to be interoperable with.

As I got no comments, and as qemu is now frozen hard at 2.12-rc3, it is
officially too late to change the format sent over the wire; qemu's
implementation will be the reference implementation, and for nbd.git,
I'll be promoting extension-blockstatus to the master branch once qemu
2.12 is officially released.

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