On 12/4/2023 5:37 PM, Peter Xu wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 04, 2023 at 06:13:36PM -0300, Fabiano Rosas wrote:
>> Steve Sistare <steven.sist...@oracle.com> writes:
>>> Create a separate bootfile for the outgoing and incoming vm, so the block
>>> layer can lock the file during the background migration test.  Otherwise,
>>> the test fails with:
>>>   "Failed to get "write" lock.  Is another process using the image
>>>    [/tmp/migration-test-WAKPD2/bootsect]?"
>> Hm.. what is the background migration even trying to access on the boot
>> disk? @Peter?
> I didn't yet notice this patch until you asked, but background snapshot is
> not designed to be used like this, afaict.
> It should normally be used when someone would like to use "savevm", then
> background snapshot makes that snapshot save happen with VM running (live)
> and mostly as performant as "savevm" due to page write protections (IOW, it
> is not dirty tracking, but wr-protect each page so not writtable at all
> until unprotected).
> Another difference (from "savevm") is, instead of storing that image onto
> the block images, it stores that image also separately just like migrating
> with "file:" as of now.
> When the dest QEMU starts it'll try to grab the image lock already because
> it should never run with src running, just like when "loadvm" QEMU doesn't
> assume the QEMU that ran "savevm" will be running.
>> This might be a good use for the -snapshot option. It should stop any
>> attempt to get the write lock. Not a lot of difference, but slightly
>> simpler.
> We don't yet have a background-snapshot test case.  If we ever need,
> that'll need to be done in two steps: start src, save snapshot into file,
> start dest, load from snapshot file.  We just shouldn't boot two together.
> Now after two years when I re-read the snapshot code a bit, I didn't even
> find where QEMU took the disk snapshots.. logically it should be done at
> the start of live background snapshot when VM was dumping device states,
> something like bdrv_all_can_snapshot() orshould be needed to make sure all
> images support snapshot on its own or it should already fail, and take
> snapshots to match the image.
> IOW, I don't even think current raw disk would be able to support
> background snapshot at all, otherwise if VM is live I don't see a way to
> match the image (which is still lively updated by the running VM) to a live
> snapshot taken.  Copy the author, Andrey, for this question.
> Before that is confirmed, maybe the easiest way is we can go without a
> background snapshot test case for suspend vm scenario.

I am OK with dropping the test patches.  It's a lot of change for a trivial 
  tests/qtest: background migration with suspend
  tests/qtest: bootfile per vm

- Steve

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