07.06.2024 17:04, Dr. David Alan Gilbert пишет:
* Dr. David Alan Gilbert (d...@treblig.org) wrote:
A bunch of structs that are currently unused,
found with a simple script and a bit of eyeballing.

The only one I'm that suspicious of is the SPARC
one, where the patch which removed the use is a bit
confusing to me.

Copying in Trivial; I think there are 4 of these that
are still outstanding:

    [PATCH 1/7] linux-user: cris: Remove unused struct 'rt_signal_frame'
       (Although cris is going)
    [PATCH 3/7] linux-user: sparc: Remove unused struct 'target_mc_fq'
    [PATCH 5/7] hw/arm/bcm2836: Remove unusued struct 'BCM283XClass'
    [PATCH 7/7] net/can: Remove unused struct 'CanBusState'

Can Trivial pick these up please?

Applied to qemu-trivial, thanks!


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