At this point, I've processed just about everything I can prior to release. I haven't yet sent out applied notes so if you are concerned about something making the release, please check to see if it's applied in master.

If not, please resend applied and tested against the latest master branch.

The feature freeze is scheduled for Tuesday, May 1st. Please make sure to have all pull requests submitted by 5pm US/Central and if you have commit access, please try to commit your final changes before then.

I'll run testing overnight and tag -rc0 Wednesday morning.

We'll run this release much like the last one. All bug fixing will happen in master until 1.1 is released. If you plan on maintaining a subsystem tree while we're in feature freeze, please respond to this note with information about your tree.

If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


Anthony Liguori

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