On Sun, Apr 29, 2012, Steven wrote about "is it possible to run KVM module 
inside a qemu VM":
> Hi,
> I know there exists nested KVM in the kernel tree such that a KVM
> hypervisor can run inside a guest.
> Now I am wondering if it is possible to load the kvm module in a qemu
> VM (-no-kvm). So I started a qemu VM using the following command

No, I believe this is NOT possible.

KVM, as the top (L0) hypervisor, implements the VMX instructions for the
L1 guest using the hosts' VMX. Qemu, on the other hand, does not have VMX
emulation at all.

Note that before you set out to add VMX instructions emulation, you need
to also consider the option of emulating SVM (AMD's virtualization
extensions) instead of VMX - even on Intel hosts. I believe (though I
didn't consider this too carefully) this will be easier to implement,
as in many respects, SVM is simpler than VMX.

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