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When QOM supports (1) exporting gpio signals and

This is trivial.  It'll come in as soon as 1.2 opens up.

You need to get it through code review first...


(just as a random example, this commit:
is going down the wrong path because it's incorrectly introducing
knowledge of device internals to the utility i8259_init()


Do you mean:

-    qdev_connect_gpio_out(&dev->qdev, 0, irq_set[2]);
+    pin_connect_qemu_irq(&s->int_out[0], irq_set[2]);

There are three ways to do this:

1) pin_connect_qemu_irq(i8259_get_int_out(s), irq_set[2]);

2) pin_connect_qemu_irq(&s->int_out[0], irq_set[2]);

3) pin_connect_qemu_irq(PIN(object_get_child(s, "int_out[0]")), irq_set[2]);

Having converted a lot of devices by hand, I prefer (2). I'd like to move to a model of:

typedef struct PICDevice
    DeviceState parent;

    Pin int_out[0];
    MemoryRegion io;

    /*< private >*/
    PICState *priv;
} PICDevice;

This let's us use (2), while still embedding devices and keeping the gory state details private to the implementation.


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