16.09.2016 11:37, Michael Fritscher wrote:
Am 15.09.2016 um 19:21 schrieb Programmingkid:
Following resolutions are also quite common:

1280x1024 (Most LCD-Monitors in the 15-17 zoll range had this for a long
time, also a standard VESA Resolution)
1600x1200 (Many LCD-Monitors in the 20-21 zoll range had this for a long
time, rather "common" resolution)
1920x1080 (the standard full HD resolution)
2560x1440 (the common "next step" after 1920x1080)
3840×2160 (the standard 4k resolution, also known as 2160(p) or UHDTV)
7680x4320 (the standard 8k resolution, also known as 4320p, is also
defined as UHDTV)

Please note that resolutions those pixel counts don't divide to 8
wont work with qemu.  In the past that was lead to crashes, now
just garbled guest display.

Or maybe even 16, memory is failing.


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