On Wed, 09/21 10:44, Alex Bennée wrote:
> FWIW we already have some coverage of the MacOSX builds via Travis
> (although being able to run it quickly on a dev system would be useful).

Being able to detect breakage earlier than a pull req bounce from Peter would
also be good.

> >
> > I haven't prioritied debootstrap for now, because arm is not too different 
> > than
> > x86 in terms of endianness and stuff, and qemu-user is probably much slower
> > than native compilers.
> It is much slower although qemu-user can at least take advantage of all
> those extra cores on your server ;-)
> 32 bit builds are also an area that needs good coverage as I'm pretty
> sure most devs have only x86_64 boxes these days.

Yes, test-mingw has it.


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