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> On Wed, 09/21 10:44, Alex Bennée wrote:
>> FWIW we already have some coverage of the MacOSX builds via Travis
>> (although being able to run it quickly on a dev system would be useful).
> Being able to detect breakage earlier than a pull req bounce from Peter would
> also be good.

True. Although more people have started enabling Travis on their private
git trees, we just don't see it as much as IRC doesn't get spammed for
anything other than runs against the official tree.

>> >
>> > I haven't prioritied debootstrap for now, because arm is not too different 
>> > than
>> > x86 in terms of endianness and stuff, and qemu-user is probably much slower
>> > than native compilers.
>> It is much slower although qemu-user can at least take advantage of all
>> those extra cores on your server ;-)
>> 32 bit builds are also an area that needs good coverage as I'm pretty
>> sure most devs have only x86_64 boxes these days.
> Yes, test-mingw has it.

Ahh cool :-)

Alex Bennée

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