I was looking at the monitor code handling the "current CPU", and
noticed that qmp_inject_nmi() looks suspicious: it is a QMP
command, but uses monitor_get_cpu_index().

In addition to the "inject-nmi" QMP command, qmp_inject_nmi() is
used at:
* hmp_inject_nmi()
* ipmi_do_hw_op() (IPMI_SEND_NMI operation)

This confused me, so I would like to know:

1) What exactly "default CPU" is supposed to mean in the
   "inject-nmi" QMP command documentation?
2) To which CPU(s) are NMIs supposed to be sent when triggered by
   IPMI messages? I don't know how to test the IPMI code, but it
   looks like it will crash if QEMU runs without any monitor.


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