On Fri, 10/14 20:07, Chunguang Li wrote:
> I need to use the SHA functions in migration/ram.c, 
> and I have included the head file 
> #include <openssl/sha.h>
> Furthermore, I need to use flags "-lssl" and 
> "-lcrypto" when compile qemu, could anyone please
> tell me where to add these two flags?

There are "--extra-ldflags" and "--extra-cflags" options in ./configure, where
you can add "-lssl" and "-lcrypto" to the compiling command lines.

If you are adding a feature to QEMU instead of experimenting, you should modify
./configure to add a new pair of "--enable-XXXX" and "--disable-XXXX" options.
For example, refer to how the "--enable-libiscsi" pair is handled in configure
script.  Particularly, features are automatically enabled if neither 
--enable-XXX nor
--disable-XXX is specified but the library package dependencies are actually


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