* Peter Maydell (peter.mayd...@linaro.org) wrote:
> I've just noticed that qemu master running 'make check' prints
>   GTESTER tests/test-vmstate
> Failed to load simple/primitive:b_1
> Failed to load simple/primitive:i64_2
> Failed to load simple/primitive:i32_1
> Failed to load simple/primitive:i32_1
> but the test doesn't fail.
> Can we either (a) silence this output if it's spurious or (b) have
> it cause the test to fail if it's real (and fix the cause of the
> failure ;-)), please?

The test (has always) tried loading truncated versions of the migration
stream and made sure that it receives an error from vmstate_load_state.

However I just added an error so we can see which field fails to load
in a migration where we just used to get a 'migration has failed with -22'

Is there a way to silence error_report's that's already in use in tests?


> thanks
> -- PMM
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