On 18/10/2016 11:54, Dr. David Alan Gilbert wrote:
> I've not quite figured it out but we're linked against the stubs/ monitor
> code rather than the real monitor code; and the stubs monitor_vprintf discards
> and the stubs monitor_cur_is_qmp() always returns false, so to silence things
> we just have to make cur_mon non-NULL.
> Unfortunately cur_mon is of type Monitor * and Monitor isn't defined publicly,
> so we can't know it's size.  The following evil hack does silence things
> for anyone desperate, but I do need to find a neater way; perhaps the right
> thing is just to link against monitor and create a dummy "null" chardev as you
> say.

If error_printf/error_vprintf are to a separate file, then stubs/ can be
changed to use vfprintf unconditionally.

And then I wonder what we actually use cur_mon for, perhaps with this
change we can remove stubs/mon*.


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