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When vfio device is reset(encounter FLR, or bus reset), if need to do
bus reset(vfio_pci_hot_reset_one is called), vfio_pci_pre_reset &
vfio_pci_post_reset will be called twice.

Signed-off-by: Cao jin <caoj.f...@cn.fujitsu.com>
Also has a little question on vfio_pci_reset. it will be called when encounter
bus reset, or FLR. The reset method's priority in this function now is:

      1. If has "device specific reset function", then do it
      2. If has FLR, then do it.
      3. If it can do bus reset(only 1 affected device), then do it
      4. If has pm_reset, then do it

The question is: why pm reset has low priority than bus reset(if it does
can do a bus reset)? why bus reset is not the last choice? In PCI driver
of kernel, pls see __pci_dev_reset, we can see, if device support pm reset,
it won't do bus reset.

The PCI spec doesn't really define what sort of reset is done with a PM
reset.  My thinking was that if a device advertises an FLR capability
then the hardware has made a concerted effort to have a per function
reset mechanism available.  NoSoftRst- is not terribly common and it's
not entirely clear to me that the hardware has made a conscious effort
to provide this for the purposes of per function reset mechanism.
Therefore I've opt'd to prioritize a bus reset over a PM reset.

I still have a question about vfio_pci_reset. I checked commit message
in f16f39c3, if I understand right, couldn't we put

      /* See if we can do our own bus reset */
      if (!vfio_pci_hot_reset_one(vdev)) {
          goto post_reset;

in the 1st priority? Because if there is 1 affected device, then it will
do bus reset which is the best reset we can do; if there are more than 1
affected devices, after this patch, vfio_pci_hot_reset_one will do
nothing, and then try other reset methods.

It's possible, yes, but that disregards that the hardware has gone to
the trouble to implement a proper function level reset.  As I
explained, I de-prioritize PM reset, specifically because I'm not sure
if hardware designers are necessarily intending it for the purpose of a
device reset.  For FLR this is the entire purpose of the interface.  We
also have a fair bit of experience with the current priority scheme and
I would not take it lightly to change without some compelling evidence
to prove that a new priority scheme is better than the existing.  There
do also exist devices which do not behave properly with a secondary bus
reset, see drivers/pci/quirks.c:quirk_no_bus_reset() in the kernel
tree.  It's possible more devices like this exist, but we don't see
them because they implement FLR.  A bus reset may result in a more
complete device reset, but it's also more disruptive to the system.


I see. Thanks Alex, I think these are valuable info to me, although maybe I still need more time in the future to understand these totally.

Yours Sincerely,

Cao jin

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