On Mon, 10/17 22:56, Auger Eric wrote:
> > make[1]: *** No rule to make target `../hw/core/platform-bus-stub.o', 
> > needed by `qemu-system-x86_64'.  Stop.
> I can't figure out why this rule is missing?
> I compiled on x86 and aarch64 with
> ./configure --target-list="x86_64-softmmu" --enable-werror and it looks
> OK. What do I miss here?

I think the reason it doesn't work is this: common-obj-y objects are built as
prerequisite of $(SUBDIR_RULES) which is defined in Makefile, from which the
unnest of common-obj-y doesn't include this stub object, because Makefile
doesn't read default-config; later make enters Makefile.target, this time
common-obj-y _includes_ platform-bus-stub.o, but the object rule doesn't work

I think the easiest solution is still move the stub function to stubs/, or
otherwise you need to fix Makefile or rules.mak for this to work.


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