On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 12:56:06AM -0700, ashish mittal wrote:
> Checked in a test server to libqnio that allows to open, read, write
> to a vxhs vdisk using the qemu-io binary.
> Steps to run the test server:
> (1) Touch a file in /tmp with the base-name of the vdisk ID to be opened.
> touch /tmp/\{98f48eef-b62f-46ee-b6e3-ad48ffd9ad0a\}
> (2) Start the test server. It listens on port 9999 by default.
> /path/to/qnio_server
> (3) In another terminal, start the qemu-io binary and open the vdisk
> qemu-io> open vxhs://
> (4) Now you can write and read data from the vdisk that is backed by a file.
> qemu-io> writev -P 81 0 1k
> qemu-io> read -v 0 1k
> Following change would be needed to my last patch to allow opening of the 
> vdisk:
> $ git diff
> diff --git a/block/vxhs.c b/block/vxhs.c
> index 90a4343..d849a9b 100644
> --- a/block/vxhs.c
> +++ b/block/vxhs.c
> @@ -1215,7 +1215,7 @@ static int vxhs_qemu_init(QDict *options,
> BDRVVXHSState *s,
>      }
>      ret = vxhs_qnio_iio_open(cfd, of_vsa_addr, rfd, file_name);
> -    if (!ret) {
> +    if (ret) {
>          error_setg(&local_err, "Failed qnio_iio_open");
>          ret = -EIO;
>      }
> Will work on the qemu-iotests test suite next.
> Regards,
> Ashish

Hi Ashish,

I wanted to check and see how the qemu-iotest suite was coming along.

A couple of things on the test server:

It is hardcoded to only accept 4MB images.  Is it possible to relax that
restriction (is a restriction even needed)?

Also, the test server is hardcoded to use the path "/tmp".   This needs to
be passed in as an argument, as qemu-iotests will want to run everything
from its scratch test directory.

A suggestion: it would also be a good idea, if possible, to enable all the
supported ioctl commands in the test server.


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