Hi all,

it's now December 1st, so the first door of the QEMU Advent Calendar
2016 can now be opened:


For the next 23 days, we are going to present a new disk image each day,
so if you like, stop by regularly (I won't send a reminder each day).

And yes, we still need more disk images to complete the run this year -
if you are interested in contributing, please have a look at my original
mail below.


On 17.09.2016 15:05, Thomas Huth wrote:
>  Hi all!
> This year, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of KVM [1] (and the
> 25th anniversary of Linux), so to contribute to this celebration, we
> would like to reanimate the QEMU Advent Calendar.
> If you didn't see the previous QEMU Advent Calendar 2014 yet, have a look at
>   http://www.qemu-advent-calendar.org/
> This year, too, the QEMU Advent Calendar 2016 will be a website that
> reveals a new disk image for download each day in December until the
> holiday season starts. Launching the disk image under QEMU will bring up
> a nice surprise!
> But to be able to make this happen, we need help from people who
> - have ideas for disk images
> - would like to prepare one or more disk images.
> Ideally, you have an idea for a disk image and also prepare it yourself.
> But we also are glad to get just the ideas, or help from people who
> would like to prepare a disk image with the idea from somebody else!
> Disk image requirements:
>  * We need 24 disk images (for the first 24 days of December)
>  * Content must be freely redistributable (i.e. no proprietary
>    license that prevents distribution). For GPL based software,
>    you need to provide the source code, too.
>  * Provide a name and a short description of the disk image
>    (e.g. with hints on what to try)
>  * Provide a ./run shell script that prints out the name and
>    description/hints and launches QEMU
>  * Provide a screenshot/image/logo for the website
>  * Size should be ideally under 100 MB per disk image
> Are you interested in participating? Then please reply to this email
> (off-list if you do not want to spoil your idea for disk images).
> Or do you have questions? Then feel free to reply or ask on the #qemu
> channel on irc.oftc.net, too.
>  Thomas & Kashyap
> PS: The QEMU Advent Calendar 2016 is a secular calendar (not
> religious). The idea is for the QEMU community to create a fun
> experience to share with everyone, and to celebrate the 10th anniversary
> of KVM. You don't need to celebrate Christmas or another religious
> festival to participate!

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